Proper maintenance of your system begins at start up. Addressing potential issues early can help avoid surprises later. During the startup process we introduce water into the mainline and inspect the entire system for mainline, lateral line and valve leaks. We check all heads for proper operation and perform adjustments as needed. We examine the controller for winter damage, check the backup battery, check the wire contacts and adjust the settings for spring conditions.

Seasonal inspections are a critical part of the maintenance program. We try to stay ahead of issues by making controller adjustments in a timely manner. No one likes a brown yard, including us. During the inspection we run every zone and adjust heads for proper coverage and rain curtain and clean any nozzles not operating as they should. We optimize controller settings for the current conditions and your input.

Winterization involves purging the system with high volume compressed air. We close the supply valves and set the controller to "off".

If you selected our Preauthorization Program any repairs noted at the above services will be repaired while we are there, up to your predetermined amount. This saves time and money for you, especially Bronze and Silver customers with a $50 service call fee if we need to return to make the repairs after receiving your authorization.

You choose the service plan that best suits YOUR needs!

Please call our office for more information about our services or to schedule a new customer visit.


Let’s face it, every now and then things break or aren’t exactly running as they should and service is necessary. We service all irrigation systems, regardless of who installed them or how old the system is. Collectively, we have many, many decades of experience, there isn’t much we haven't seen before.

We have 8 dedicated service vehicles on the road every day during the season. Chances are we can get there quickly to make the repairs necessary to get your system up and running the way it should.

Our Platinum and Gold customers are not charged a service call fee for repairs, only for time and materials. Other customers will be charged a $50 service call fee plus time and materials. We bill our labor on 15 minute increments with no minimum labor charges.

We will send an invoice after the work is performed.

Thinking of adding a patio or pool? Maybe an addition or a sun room? Call us during the planning stages and we can locate irrigation mainline and wire to see if the proposed addition will affect your system. If so, we will come up with a modification plan and estimate to keep your system intact and running as it should.