Professional Irrigation Systems Installation

Sposato Irrigation Company

With a 20 year history serving thousands of homes in Sussex County, most will tell you Sposato Irrigation is the name to call on when considering a new irrigation system.

Why do so many trust us?

Our Installations: From new residential installations to the largest commercial projects we are highly equipped to handle any type of site.

Our Staff: Fully trained, fast and friendly. Most of our residential irrigation systems are complete in two days.

Our Quality: Expert installation and components that are time tested and proven. With a warranty to back it up.

Our Value: The initial investment is often less than thought, and green options are available to curb long term water costs as well.

Our Care: We take a number of steps beyond what others do to minimize disturbance to your lawn and landscape. From the street you will seldom be able to see we were there the day after the installation.

Take the first step to a healthy lawn and landscape with Sposato Irrigation and see why we are Delmarva's leader in Landscape and Irrigation.

Check out the Promo video in HD Here.